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Risk Management

Throughout our lives we face a number of events that could jeopardize even the best laid plans. We work to identify these risks for you, quantify the potential loss exposure, educate you on tools and techniques for hedging these risks and implement solutions. Our personal risk management service areas include life insurance, disability income, annuities and long-term care. We maintain relationships with a broad spectrum of providers in each of these areas and can help you find the appropriate solution for your needs.

Life Insurance

Life insurance replaces lost income based on your untimely death and can also be a helpful tool in preserving your estate for heirs and supporting charitable causes. We can help you choose the plan and provider that addresses your needs and requirements.

Disability Insurance

Disability insurance replaces lost earnings to maintain your retirement savings progress.


Annuities provide income during your retirement years based on your investment, age and desired term of distribution.

Long-term Care

Long-term care insurance helps plan for and protect against the catastrophic costs of long-term health care.